Monday 5, June 2023

Students form human chain protesting illegal takeover trustee boards of private universities

Time Digital Report:Students have formed a human chain in protest against the conspiracy to take over the board of trustees of Manarat University and other private universities. The human chain was organized by the Private University Students Support Forum at Gulshan in the capital on Saturday (September 10).

The students declared the new board of trustees of Manarat International University as uninvited ‍and Occupier.

Speakers in the protest programme said without giving any reason and notice, the existing board of trustees has been canceled and a new board has been formed. The government has constituted a board of trustees to destroy an educational institution. So the students think it is not a trustee board, but an Awami occupier board. It is totally the party board.

The students also said that the Director General of National Security Intelligence (NSI) and an Additional Inspector General of Police were present in the meeting held in the conference room of the Ministry of Education on September 8. But their responsibility is to ensure the safety of the country and its people. Not to assist in taking over any establishment. On the other hand, all the members of the board of trustees were always busy implementing the agenda of the government, and here they have joined to implement the agenda of the government. So this board of trustees should be canceled immediately. If necessary, a new board of trustees should be formed based on the opinion of the members of the existing board of trustees. We want to make it clear to the government that the way the government has taken over the North South University by naked intervention so that no other university is taken over. The government has no right to occupy the university in this way.

The students said that to hide the illegal occupation, the ministry's notification cited the involvement of Jamaat-Shibir; but they could not cite the slightest evidence in support of their claim. The board of trustees is not an impartial board. Instead, the students believe that the board will not be of any benefit to the students or education. The pro-government trustee board members will be busy implementing the Awami league government purpose and agenda. Those who have been made members are involved in various illegal and unethical activities including anti-Islamic activities which have been exposed in various media. Such people can only destroy educational institutions. This step is an ominous signal for all educational institutions.

The students urged the government to immediately cancel the controversial board of trustees of Manarat International University and refrain from the attempt to take over the university.

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