Saturday 10, December 2022

Taka slides further against dollar

News Desk: This is the 13th depreciation of Taka against the US dollar in 2022. Bangladesh Taka has depreciated further by 50 paisa against the US dollar, owing to the growing import payments, creating a burden on importers but boosting export and remittance earnings.

The fresh depreciation takes place just a day the local currency got weaker by 50 paisa more on Sunday.

This is the 13th depreciation of Taka against the USD in 2022.

On Monday, the inter-bank exchange rate stood at Tk 92.50 per dollar, up from Tk 92 in the previous day.

On June 8, the local currency got stronger against the American greenback with an appreciation of Tk 0.50, for the first time in the last two years.

The inter-bank exchange rate stood then at Tk 91.50 per USD, down from Tk 92 recorded on June 7.


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