Saturday 10, December 2022

The govt will change before 2023: Nur

Time Digital News:

"The government will change before 2023," Nurul Haque Nur former VP of DUCSU and secretariat member of the People's Rights Council said this at a protest rally around 11 am on Saturday, May 28 at Paltan junction of the capital.

"The government has put down Chatra League and Juba League on the road like horses. You have seen how they have bloodied the Supreme Court. None is being arrested whereas their identities are visible." said, Nurul Haque Nur.

Mentioning the Prime Minister he said, "The people of this country will resist if you (Sheikh Hasina) instate Baksal like your father in 1972."

"The collaborators of Awami League have gone mad. They have booked double ticket of the plane. They will fly when the situation be worse." told, Nurul Haque Nur.

The government's accomplicers have smuggled out cores of taka. They can either get relief by flying, but you who are doing local politics, you have to stay in the country. If People came out to the streets, you will not find any way to escape. he added.

Edited by S M Shahjahan Kabir

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