Thursday 18, August 2022

Three men accused: Woman gang-raped on launch

News Desk: Three men gang-raped the mother of a four-month-old baby in the cabin of a launch heading towards Dhaka from Barishal at night on June 23.

After reaching Dhaka, one of the men who is a cousin of her estranged husband, took her to Chattogram promising that he would take her to a hospital for treatment of injuries she got when she was raped, police said.

But he left the 22-year-old woman and her daughter on a street in the port city and fled.

As she didn't know the city and had little money, she went to Akbarshah Police Station, profusely bleeding from her injuries.

Police then got her admitted to Chattogram Medical College Hospital.

As her health got stable, she wrote a complaint with the help of police and sent it to Keraniganj (South) Police Station in Dhaka on June 26, accusing three men.

The police station in Dhaka then recorded the case and asked river police to investigate it.

According to the complaint, the woman and her child had been living in her parent's house in Barishal after her husband left her a few months ago.

Her husband's cousin, who is an accused in the case, convinced her to get on board the launch, saying that he would take her to her husband.

On the launch, her husband's cousin and two other men raped her multiple times in her cabin holding her baby hostage.

Assistant Commissioner (Pahartali) AKM Mohiuddin Selim said, "The victim arrived along with her baby. Due to heavy bleeding, her condition was very bad."

Wali Uddin Akbar, officer-in-charge of Akbarshah Police Station, said, "She has no relatives in Chattogram. The police have been taking care of the victim and her baby, providing everything she needed at the hospital."

An official at Keraniganj (South) Police Station said the river police was investigating the case.


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