Tuesday 24, May 2022

US wants Bangladesh on its side in context of Russia-Ukraine

US Under Secretary for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland today said the US wants Bangladesh on its side in the context of Russia-Ukraine.

There are threats of violations of democratic norms and international laws during the Russia-Ukraine war, Victoria Nuland said in her introductory speech at Bangladesh-US partnership dialogue that began at the State Guesthouse Padma in Dhaka began at 11:20am.

Foreign Secretary Masud Bin Momen is leading the Bangladesh side and Victoria Nuland is leading the US side during the dialogue.

The eighth Partnership Dialogue is expected to cover all aspects of bilateral relations, but foreign ministry officials said the issue of sanction would be a priority one for Dhaka.

The dialogue is taking place at a time when the bilateral relations between Dhaka and Washington experienced tensions after the US sanctioned Rab and some of its officials and dropped Bangladesh from the list of invitees to the Democracy Summit late last year.

Nuland arrived in Dhaka yesterday afternoon on a three-day visit.


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