Sunday 4, June 2023

WASA MD's 14 houses in US: Mixed reaction in social media

Time Digital Report: There has been raised an extensive allegation of corruption against WASA Managing Director (MD) Taksim A Khan as it revealed that he has purchased14 houses in the US. The High Court has sought information on the progress of the investigation into two complaints filed with the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) regarding the alleged properties of him on Monday, January 09.

Common mob expresses their opinion from different angles in social media about corruption of WASA MD. Many have termed Washa MD as the son of corruption. Time News BD has selected some of the reactions:

Supplying dirty water if 14 houses can be built in USA then what is the point of wasting time just thinking about something else??


Taksim A Khan is a poor farmer. He earns 6.25 lakh per month by dealing of water. He has 14 homes in the United States. Some of the houses cost 535 crores. The price of one is 70 crores. Another is 37 crores. He is an honest man, he has never earns illegally and unlawfully in his life.

A. Which country does Taksim A Khan live?

B. Write what do you know about Bangladesh Anti-Corruption Commission.

C. How long can Taksim A Khan take to parche 14 houses if he earns of TK 6.25 lakh per month?

D. Prove that Taksim A Khan is an honest man. He did not take a single taka illegally.


Dhaka Wasa MD Taksim A Khan posseses 14 luxury houses worth thousand cores of taka in the United States.

This Taksim is Sheikh Rehana's Devar (brother-in-law).



The son of corruption!

The headline of the newspaper of Bachchu, the son of the corruption of Basic Bank was - "Sinking the bank, floats the ship"

The headline about Wasa MD should be- "Sinking Wasa, Taksim A Khan becomes a craftsman of possessing over a dozen home in the United States"


The news is prepared by S M Shahjahan Kabir and edited by Gazi Anowarul Hoque.

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