Friday 24, March 2023

we often overlook an important aspect of Qurbani

News Desk: Over the years there were only a handful of times that I watched Qurbani. My statement suggests that it was a voluntary act on my behalf. While that is partially true, it was also just a result of living in a country where the sacrificial process is usually carried out in the open. It amazes me how blood-soaked roads from the sacrifice are just an accepted norm during Eid in our country but I will not delve into the "there is a place and etiquette for everything" argument. Rather I will explain another important aspect of the Qurbani that is overlooked.

As a child, like many other children, I too had been led to believe that one must watch the slaughtering of animals during Eid. Maybe a good lot of us were even encouraged to push through any pacifism inside of us so that we would be okay with what is being done. But a child is impressionable and can feel deeply unnerved by a process whose motivations are still not fully within their grasp.

It has become clear to me over the years that accepting and understanding the reasons behind the sacrifice can be done without bearing witness to the process. Not to suggest that the ones who do it are any less emotionally considerate of animals but being made to feel that it is necessary to watch the Eid sacrifice in order for it to amount to something irks my soul.

People have been advised to make the sacrificial process as humane as possible for the animals. This means these animals should not be made to feel afraid or even be allowed to smell blood from other slaughtering done nearby. Unfortunately, the situation in our community often ends up being a large intended mess.

My heart goes out to these animals because it is apparent that the process is not being done in the best way possible. The tugging and the pulling of the animal at hand, not to mention how one being slaughtered in front of another can make the last few moments of the sacrifice truly painful to watch.

My perceptions of this sacrifice may not be the most agreeable. However, watching an animal tear up and put up one last struggle should not be turned into a spectacle for everyone to watch during Eid.

People have the ability to be more conscious of their treatment of animals and thus should make the effort to do so because these animals deserve our kindness even in their last moments.


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