Thursday 18, August 2022

Wedding tips: How to plan wedding on a budget

News Desk: Indian weddings with their grandeur are the most awaited day for every groom and bride and while it’s like a dream, planning the perfect wedding requires a huge investment. With so much glamour and glitter around, you must be perfectly aware of the cost it would require to set up such an extravaganza and it can be a tricky process because the main challenge here is managing all the hopes and emotions involved of family and friends. However, creating life-cherishing memories does not require a specific budget, it only requires the right process to execute your vision in a perfect manner. Planning a nuptial on a budget suitable to you is all about prioritising your requirements toward bringing your dream wedding to life, Hindustan Times reported.

To simplify the process for you, Anam Zubair, Associate Director of Marketing - WeddingWire India, put together a step-by-step guide that can help you plan your wedding budget with ease:

Finalising the budget - The first and most important step is to finalise a broad budget range for your big day. Planning your wedding can be a stressful and time-taking process, but setting the budget range, in the beginning, will help you to channel your creative flow in the right direction. In fact, to simplify the job, you can opt for a budgeting tool which will not only simplify the job by letting you assign a budget to various vendors but also help you manage every task and related payments efficiently.

Choosing the ‘right’ date - Many times, the primary task in wedding planning is to choose the date and time of your wedding. This can follow the budget step or even be done before as per your preference. Mostly, if you plan a wedding in a month with a lot of wedding dates/mahurats, the cost will be on the higher side as venue bookings will be expensive but at the same time, if you plan it on a non-saaya date, the same venue will come at a cheaper price. The case will be similar for other vendors like clothing, jewellery, choreography, photography, etc, as well. Non-saaya dates and other recommended dates can help you to manage everything in your preferred budget and create a magical experience without any discomfort. So whether you plan an evening wedding filled with glam or glitter or a daytime wedding with minimalistic decor, the ultimate objective is to make it a memorable one.

Preparing Guest List - Preparing the guest list is the next important step in wedding planning. Whether you want it to be a closed-knit affair or an extravaganza, it will affect the budget you have allocated for the venue, catering, etc. Be it 100 or 800 guests, all of them are going to be there to celebrate the love you share as a couple, so the key is to create everlasting memories, while staying on your budget.

Choosing a venue - The next major decision in the process is to choose the right wedding venue as per the selected date and time. The right venue can add the right mood to your wedding and ensure you get the perfect wedding pictures to drool over. With a high budget, you could host a luxurious wedding in 5-star hotels and heritage properties across the country. Whether it’s an in-town wedding or a destination wedding, with a high budget you could host a royal affair on a huge ground in your city or at a popular property for a destination wedding. Even with a low budget, you can have your guests enthralled with picturesque locations at your personalised locations. These could be your own backyard, an ancestral home, a friend’s farmhouse, or a family garden. Such locations add more to the emotions involved and help in allocating your budget to other important vendors like the decor, photography, etc.

Decor - The decor is one of the most important elements of wedding planning that could make or break your dream wedding vision. It brings the beauty of the venue to life. And hence, choosing your decor is the next key step in your wedding planning process. Depending on your budget you could either go for minimalistic decor for a simple wedding or magnificent decor for a royal affair. If you’re on a low budget, a great way to cut down on flower arrangement costs is by reusing pieces wherever you can. Reuse ceremony flowers for the reception and place natural decor arrangements on tables. While on a higher budget, breathtaking decor engulfing the ceiling, vintage backdrops, and chandeliers are some of the latest trends for you to have a mesmerizing impact. These will add to the magnificence of your wedding affair.

Finalising other vendors - After wrapping up the earlier details, you can proceed to other important vendors like clothing, jewellery, choreographers, photographers, etc. While these are finalized right at the end, they equally add to the grandeur of the wedding. So, after allocating the budget for all the above tasks, a certain amount needs to be kept in mind for these vendors too. While designer clothing and jewellery and high-end choreographers are there to be the rich elements of your wedding affair if you want to go all out on a budget, renting clothes and jewellery is the economical means if you are on a budget. Additionally, there is another way to help you stick to your budget - by repurposing things which you already own. You can reuse clothes, props, household items like glass bottles and wooden crates, etc. This adds a creative element to your decor and gives a unique touch to your decor. Another one is to always have a buffer budget to help you with all last-minute expenses. This would help you not add to the unnecessary stress and manage your finances efficiently.


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