Monday 27, June 2022

We’ve turned Dhaka into a slum: JP MP Fazlur

Time Digital Report: Jatiya Party MP Pir Fazlur Rahman on Thursday in the parliament expressed outrage over the horrible traffic congestion, air and noise pollution in Dhaka.

Speaking on a point of order, he said people are stuck in traffic jams for hours every day.

"We have turned Dhaka city into a slum through unplanned development. If this situation continues, Dhaka will be a dysfunctional city," Fazlur lamented.

He said, Dhaka is now the number one city in terms of noise pollution and air pollution.

"There is no guarantee for Dhaka commuters that they will be able to reach their destinations by noon even if they start in the morning," the JP MP said.

Citing a report of Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies, he said traffic congestion in Dhaka city is causing 2.5 percent loss of gross domestic product per annum – amounting to Tk 87,000 crore.

He said there is no coordination in development work. One organisation builds the road and in a few days another does digging. It is not clear where the bus will stop.

He demanded appropriate steps including decentralisation of the administration to resolve the situation.

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