Saturday 10, December 2022

What to wear to a job interview

News Desk: In today's demanding employment market, an interview is a very small window of time in which to make an impression on hirers, among hundreds of other hopefuls trying to score a job. While most job seekers will try every trick in their book to make themselves look like the prized choice for a particular company, many will overlook the power of colours they wear to an interview, to make their first impression effective and long-lasting.

Colours are emotive and they can make the wearer look strong or weak, confident or meek, depending on how they are worn. While it is ultimately your work ethic and qualifications that will get you the job, wearing the right colours can at least get you that coveted second interview in which to drive your competence across.

Base Notes

Like potent perfumes, attires too have top, middle and base layers that give the wearer depth and make them look put-together and deliberate. For interviews, suits in colours like subtle grey, dull black and navy blue even out the wearer's look and lay a neutral canvas for the rest of the ensemble. Wearing a loud coloured suit may make interviewers remember you but not necessarily for the best reason. While we are on the topic, it is also advisable to steer clear of motifs on suits as they are distractive and can take attention away from your personality and competence.

Middle Notes

Male or female, light pinks and blues flatter both genders and are great shirt colour choices to liven up an otherwise plain grey or black outfit. The colours look understated, yet work to add a pop of colour to the get-up without seeming too authoritative. Great for mid-level, service-based positions in conservative office environments, another colour that may be called the jack of all trades is white. Crisp and clean, the white shirt lends a stately, professional look to the entire ensemble and can create a striking impact on the hirer.

Top Notes

Accessories make up the metaphorical top notes of the interview look. While it may seem like outfit colours make the loudest noise for the wearer, that is far from true. Minimalistic jewellery like tasteful zircon or diamond stud earrings or a watch, a sleek handbag in muted colours, or scarves and ties in delicate patterns all help to give a more polished and refined finish to the entire profile.

If one is going for a managerial position, ties and scarves in authoritative colours like red can make a bold statement and give the wearer a more confident feel. Softer hues like muted yellows or pale greens for the same accessories look refreshing on white or beige pantsuits and lend an air of approachability to an interviewee looking for a more people-based job position.

Remember, an interview is an opportunity for your personality and competence to shine through. Clothes and accessories should play nothing but a stellar supporting role in the event and therefore, the more tasteful and elegant your look, the better. Less is always more when it comes to an interview meeting and should be the motto in mind when you dress to kill for your next session.


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