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Bangladesh Published At: 08 Jul 2024, 20:12 p.m.

Bangla Blockade: Commuters suffer as quota protesters halt traffic in Gulistan

The students of the Jagannath University block Zero Point in Gulistan on Monday, July 8, 2024.

Long lines of vehicles are seen on all roads surrounding the Zero Point intersection

The vehicular movement came to a standstill in Gulistan and adjoining areas as students of Jagannath University (JnU) blocked Zero Point as part of their “Bangla Blockade” program on Monday afternoon to demand that the 2018 notification canceling the quota system for government jobs be reinstated.

The suspension of vehicular movement has resulted in heavy traffic congestion and the suffering of commuters.

The JnU students blocked the key intersection in Gulistan for the fourth time.

As the traffic movement has been halted at this crucial intersection, long lines of vehicles are seen on all roads surrounding the intersection.

Due to the suspension of vehicular movement, commuters returning from their work and offices are suffering.

Many are leaving buses or rickshaws and walking to their destinations. Some are heading towards the Secretariat Metro Station.

From Zero Point to Sadarghat, traffic movement has been halted on all roads leading from Motijheel and Sayedabad, Paltan to Kakrail, Press Club, and the Secretariat leading to the High Court.

After leaving office, Jahangir Hossain was returning to Azimpur.

He said: "I left my rickshaw and will now walk because the entire road ahead is packed. The students' protest is logical, so I have to bear a bit of troublesomeness."

At the Paltan intersection, Reza, a passerby, said: "I am returning from Sadarghat to Kalyanpur. Buses are not operated due to the ongoing student protest. So, I am going by the metro rail station. From Farmgate, I will try to reach Kalyanpur."

Jatrabari-bound commuter Jalal Muhiddin, said: "I returned from Mohakhali and heard that buses won't operate after reaching the Kakrail intersection. Now, I will walk further to ride on a rickshaw or bus.”

“Political parties block roads for various reasons. This movement is being staged by students on logical ground, so we can endure this trouble,” he said.