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Bangladesh Published At: 09 Jul 2024, 20:09 p.m.

Quota reinstatement: Law minister says issue now before Supreme Court

File image of Law, Justice, and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Anisul Huq.

The quota issue is no longer a matter for the government to decide, as it is now with the Supreme Court, which will make the final decision after hearing all parties involved, stated Law Minister Anisul Huq on Tuesday.

In response to reporters' questions at the Secretariat, the Law Minister addressed the intervention application by the agitators, saying, "I have come to know that they want to be included in the case of the Appellate Division and have applied for it. The hearing will be held tomorrow (Wednesday). In that case, I think they are taking the right approach.”

The minister pointed out that during the High Court Division hearing, those now protesting against the quota did not appoint any lawyer to present their case nor did they submit their statements. The case was decided and is now in the Appellate Division. "As of yesterday (Monday), they had no lawyer to present their case. Protesting on the streets and shouting will not resolve the issue. If this continues, it could eventually lead to contempt of court,” he warned.

Minister Huq emphasized the importance of presenting statements as parties in the case to ensure that the Appellate Division hears all sides and delivers justice. He praised the decision of the protesters to take their case to court, urging them to withdraw their agitation in light of this positive step.

The hearing before the Supreme Court is expected to clarify the quota reinstatement issue, following recent protests and legal actions surrounding the government's decision to cancel the quota system in government jobs.