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Bangladesh Published At: 09 Jul 2024, 16:38 p.m.

Quader instructs party men to be vigilant over student-teacher movements

Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader speaks at the 75th founding anniversary celebration of the Awami League at the historic Suhrawardy Udyan on Sunday, June 23, 2024.

Welcomes students’ move to hire lawyers

Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader has instructed party activists to remain vigilant to prevent any unrest across the country amid the students' anti-quota movement and the teachers' Prottoy scheme movement.

Speaking on Tuesday at a joint meeting with top leaders of Dhaka Metropolitan North and South, Dhaka District Awami League, and allied organizations at the party's central office on Bangabandhu Avenue, Quader termed the BNP’s support for the ongoing movements a conspiracy.

“We must stay alert and vigilant across Bangladesh and in the capital to ensure that this malicious group does not create an atmosphere of chaos by inciting and fueling the teachers and students,” Quader stated.

Quader emphasized the need to monitor the political support for these apolitical movements, saying, "The teachers' movement is apolitical, and the students' movement is also apolitical. We need to consider the political support of the BNP and their allies for these apolitical movements.”

Referring to the BNP, he added, "They cannot initiate a movement themselves. They relied on the anti-quota movement in 2018. This time too, they failed to initiate a movement and did not participate in the elections out of fear of losing. Now, if they use the quota reform movement to overthrow the government, it is a sign of their conspiracy. We must stay alert against this malicious force."

Quader, who is also the road transport and bridges minister, noted that both the teachers' and students' movements are happening simultaneously and need to be carefully monitored. He acknowledged the students' decision not to schedule any programs for Tuesday and their plan to appoint lawyers for the ongoing court case as reasonable decisions.

He reiterated the government's position on the quota issue, stating, "In 2018, the prime minister issued a circular deciding to abolish the quota, and government activities have been conducted accordingly. In the meantime, seven children of freedom fighters filed a case regarding the quota issue. The High Court gave a verdict, and the government appealed against this verdict."

Quader mentioned that the full court hearing will take place very soon and expressed hope that the Supreme Court will make a practical decision after hearing all sides. He urged the protesters to be patient and ensure that no public suffering is caused, cautioning against provocation.

“We will not be provoked by anyone. I remind everyone to stay alert and not to get provoked,” Quader concluded.