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Bangladesh Published At: 10 Jul 2024, 21:13 p.m.

Bangla blockade: JnU students block Gulistan Zero point intersection

Students blockade the Gulistan Zero Point intersection in Dhaka to demand quota reform, with some holding placards, on Wednesday, July 10, 2024.

Traffic movement halted on zero point intersection

For the seventh consecutive day, students of Jagannath University (JnU) have been protesting, demanding the cancellation of the unfair and unreasonable reinstatement of the 2018 quota circular and blocked the Gulistan Zero Point intersection. 

On Wednesday afternoon, the students gathered at the Kathaltola intersection of the university, beginning their assembly at 3pm under banners denouncing injustice.

Since midday, students gathered on campus, adorned with national flags, actively chanting slogans against the quota system.

The students proceeded from Victoria Park, Rai Shaheb Bazar, and Tanti Bazar. They then headed towards Gulistan, crossing Bangshal turn, Soddique Bazar, Phulbaria, and the Gulistan shrine, finally stopping at the Gulistan Zero Point intersection.

Ashikur Rahman, a student of Jagannath University, said: "Today's movement is a fight for our future. We are fighting for the people."

Hasan Mia, another student from Jagannath University, said: "We will continue our movement wearing shrouds until our demands are met."

Meanwhile, the students' sit-in at the Zero Point intersection caused heavy traffic jams on all adjacent roads.

Abdul Kuddus, a passerby, said: "I was going to Karwan Bazar from Chittagong Road for business. I've been waiting for an hour. I'm forced to go back to Chittagong Road, but I can't find my way back."

On Wednesday, the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court issued that the status quo will remain on the High Court's verdict regarding the quota system in government jobs.