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Bangladesh Published At: 07 Jul 2024, 21:39 p.m.

Floodwaters recede in Moulvibazar, but riverside residents still suffering

A girl stands in a street inundated due to rising water of Juri River in Moulvibazar on Sunday, July 7, 2024.

Kushiara, Juri rivers still above danger level

Despite the floodwaters in Moulvibazar receding, thousands of people in riverside areas are still facing severe hardships.

Khalilpur and Manumukh unions of Sadar upazila, as well as Uttarbhag and Fatehpur union of Rajnagar upazila, are among the worst affected areas along the Kushiara River.

The recent heavy rains, combined with upstream flow and floods, caused the river to overflow its banks. This annual occurrence during the monsoon season leads to the breaching of old river embankments, resulting in significant suffering for local residents.

According to the Bangladesh Water Development Board, the water levels of two rivers in the district are still above the danger mark. The Kushiara River is flowing 6cm above the boundary line, and the Juri River is flowing 171cm above.

Flood-affected residents reported that the old embankment of the Kushiara River started to erode in several places, particularly in Hamarkona and Brahmangram areas of Khalilpur union. Subsequent landslides at eight locations flooded villages including Bahadurpur, Muslim Nagar, Fatehpur, and Mubarakpur, affecting nearly 50,000 people. Many families have sought refuge in local schools and madrasas, while others have set up temporary shelters along the Sylhet-Moulvibazar regional highway.

Villagers are working together to repair the broken embankment in Hamarkona and Brahmangram, but acknowledge that these efforts are temporary. The long-standing demand of the community is for a permanent and robust embankment.

Meanwhile, residents along Hakaluki Haor in Kulaura, Juri, and Baralekha upazilas continue to suffer from a lack of sanitation and food, despite some reduction in water levels.

Kulaura Municipality Mayor Sipar Uddin Ahmed said that four wards of the municipality were flooded and residents are enduring significant hardship. The floodwaters have receded slightly, but challenges remain.

Javed Iqbal, executive engineer of the Moulvibazar Water Development Board, mentioned that erosion repair work has commenced along the banks of the Kushiara, Manu, and Dhalai rivers. He also indicated that a project to construct a dam covering approximately 7km from Sherpur to Manumukh on the Kushiara River is in progress. Once completed, this project is expected to provide relief to the residents of riverside areas from future floods.